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The Knotty G's are a soulful roots rock group formed in Asheville, North Carolina by Chuck Knott, a Delaware native and “Jill with a G” Henry of New Jersey. Collectively they have years of touring experience nationwide. Knott combines a powerful yet poignant performance of melodic leads and tasteful harmonies. Henry's warm, smooth vocal tones and pulsing rhythm guitar just complete the sound in a way that will leave you wanting more.

Their sound has been described as "fresh and authentic". The Knotty G's pull from a timeless collection of deep and varied songs to provide music catered to your event's needs. We have choices ranging from soothing standards, all the way to robust rock-and-roll, these two can deliver a personalized experience that will satisfy your musical appetites time and again.



Their funky, fun sound, accented by touches of bluegrass, rhythm-and-blues, and roots-rock, is a breath of fresh air.
— Music Guru John Harper (
These two have displayed an amazing amount of talent and chemistry. They just work. I don’t know how to describe it better than that.
— Brandon Goff
I’m not just saying this because Chuck’s my son. They’re really doing okay. I don’t know where they’ll take it but I hope they just have a nice time doing it.
— Debbie Knott (Chuck's mom)